E-Commerce & Shopping Cart Solutions

An eCommerce web site (also known as a Shopping Cart or an Online Store) is a website that enables a customer to find a product, order a product, pay for a product and identify where the goods are to be sent - automatically. The shopping cart and ecommerce software will then send the customer an email receipt and will notify you, as the store owner, that you have a new sale and the details of that sale.


The ecommerce or shopping cart software "backend" manages all of the important tasks like:

  • Displaying products in suitable categories (so customers can find them easily)
  • Displaying key information about products (like price, description, pictures, variables (eg size or color), manufacturer etc)
  • Putting items on "special"
  • Enabling a customer to purchase multiple products at once (by placing products in their "shopping cart")
  • Calculating the final price including taxes and shipping costs
  • Facilitating payment (usually through PayPal and credit cards)
  • Getting shipping details
  • Tracking the order
  • Reviewing products
  • Managing inventory (ie how many of each product are left in stock)
  • Managing newsletters and other email to customers
  • Providing reports on sales and stock

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